Should I Schedule A Consultation?


 Is a Microblading Consultation mandatory?

No. Not unless you HAVE previously tattooed or microbladed your eyebrows before.

Consults are scheduled to meet one on one with the artist and discuss expectations. A consult is a great time to ask any questions in regards to prep, healing process, health conditions, skin type, etc.

Everything drawn and discussed during the Microblading Consultation will be done with detail and precision during the initial Microblading appointment.

During a consult we will shape your brows and as I use this time to get to know my client’s brow goals, and expectations.

@DLDbrows design and technique is based on the clients natural facial structure and brow bone.

Sometimes at the consult, but ALWAYS on the day of the initial appointment I have my clients to sit up and make faces at me. I tell clients “raise your eyebrows up as high as you can. Now be angry.” I have them do this multiple times. Sometimes it’s awkward but I do this because it is my job to make sure that their eyebrows are moving and placed correctly when they make facial expressions.

Although the Microblading itself is typically the quickest part of your appointment. It is extremely rare that we do same day appointments. If you wish to move forward with the procedure appointments are typically booked at least 2-3 months in advance.

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