Microblading What to Expect

What to Expect


The appointment will take place for 1-2hrs, time frame is different for every client. A retouch lasts anywhere from 45mins-2hrs depending on details.

  • When the client first arrives she or he will be asked to fill out paper work aka sign their life away (first 15-20 minutes of the appointment)

The "standard" appointment will do as follows:

  1. "Talk to me about your eyebrows" First I always ask that general statement to hear their biggest concern. I like when my client arrives with his or her eyebrows drawn so I can see how they are used to seeing themselves everyday. (Just because you draw your eyebrows on a certain way everyday does not mean that it is the right shape for you. If the client is insisting she or he wants a shape that is wrong I will deny the client). -Does the client wear makeup everyday or just on special occasions? Take into consideration face shape, brow shape, hair growth direction. ALWAYS respect the natural eyebrow. My trainer instilled that into my head! All of this information will help to create the best eyebrow shape for the client based on their natural eyebrow shape, bone structure, and liking.

  1. Before: Before photo/videos are always taken and a mandatory part of the service. If client refuses to consent to photo/videos the procedure cannot be done.

  1. Outline: I thread and trim eyebrows if necessary. Next I begin reconstructing the shape. The design is based on the clients natural bone structure and all of the hairs strokes are created based on the client’s natural hair growth and direction. Color is matched to the clients natural eyebrow hairs, but of course the clients hair color is taken into consideration. Keep in mind as we draw on your eyebrows for the outline to think overall shape not size. The Microblading will be a compressed version of the shape that you see. The outline always tends to look “boxy” but the finished results are so natural. This shape is drawn directly on the client’s face with a pencil and will be the guide for the microblading procedure. This is the clients final look before any semi-permanent work is preformed.

  1. Microblading: The microblading itself will only take about 30-45 minutes. Here is where and when we begin microblading. First, it is a super light scratchy feeling. (those of you that know me I like to describe it as little cat scratches). It is not even enough for the skin to bleed (unless client has not followed prep instructions). During the second round a topical anesthetic is applied and you will not feel any pain. Once microblading is completed I will apply pigment to brows to prep for reveal and for the skin to absorb the pigment of course.

  1. The Reveal: Once the microblading is completed it is time for my favorite part. THE REVEAL!!!!!! Here is where the client first lays eyes on her or his new eyebrows! 3…2…1…BROWS!

  1. Lights, Camera, BROWS! After the reveal is finished I will take after photos and videos of clients eyebrows. I LOVE these photos. Not just because of my work but because I can see the confidence boost in my clients eyes as I tell them to look up and make eye contact with the camera vs their before pictures. The fact that I am able to boost their self confidence is so rewarding.
  1. Seal/After Care After photos are taken I will apply a seal which you will wash off in 5 hours and go over after care and any last minute questions you may have as well as schedule your 30 day retouch.

  1. Retouching Do not be discouraged if certain areas do not take to your skin the first time. That is why we have you come back for a retouch. During your retouch we correct any parts of the brow that may have naturally flaked off. Sometimes certain areas do not take because the pigment did not deposit deep enough into the skin. It is better to preform a light touch than to go too deep. A lighter touch which results in finer, more natural lines. Everyone takes differently to the pigment. All skin retains the ink differently depending on skin type, skin care routine, etc. It is impossible to predict how a pigment will be affected by a client until 30 days after the procedure During this appointment any adjustments such as color, shape, or size can be made to ensure your eyebrows are ideal.

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