Don’t Dread The Thread

Don't Dread The Thread

This may be the business of beauty but our business is about highlighting your beauty!

Lets talk brows. Trends come and go but eyebrows will always frame the face. The correct eyebrow shape will open the eye and help you to appear more awake and youthful.

Threading is my go-to and favorite technique when it comes to eyebrow shaping. The precision and detailed results is why I love the technique so much.

There are a variety of spools used to shape brows. Many people do not know that there are options based on skin type. I have a thread to benefit all skin types: oily skin, sensitive skin, normal skin, mature skin. I think it is SO important to educate my clients throughout their experience because using the right coating of thread will make or break their overall experience.

Correct thread = happy skin Happy skin = happy client.

After I finish threading my clients I always highlight underneath their brow bone to carve out their eyebrows vs. filling them in. I usually coat their brows with a gel or oil to give that “crisp” look.


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