How I Started

A Secret I’ll Always Tell…

Makeup artist by chance, brow artist by choice.

I learned how to do makeup on youtube so when my clients tell me they “can’t” fill in their eyebrows correctly or that they “can’t” get that straight line under their brow to highlight I always low key laugh to myself because I remember thinking that too. I was once lying in there too wondering how the hell my brow artist worked his/her magic and why wasn’t I able to mimic the same results. Well guess what, I didn’t think I could because I was telling myself that I couldn’t. Now I can and I do…& you can too.

I turned to YouTube to learn my first useful skill, the smokey eye. Thinking that was enough experience to dive into the field, I applied to a job at my favorite makeup counter at that time, MAC Cosmetics. Well, apparently, a few YouTubevideos and a brush belt don’t make you a makeup artist so I was denied. Initially I saw it as the end of the world but it was just the beginning. It fueled my fire. My first stepping stone in the makeup world was landing a job at Bare Minerals. The company offered trainings which advanced my skills and expanded my knowledge on different skin types, textures, and color.

The next job I landed…. I WINGED IT. Just like their eyeliner. It was for an on-site wedding makeup company and I was assisting artists with large wedding parties. I was hired to only apply false lashes and prep faces but worked my way up to the position of a Senior Artist.

Practice makes perfect and I’m far from perfect but I practiced a lot and was eventually was employed by Estee Lauder Companies. As my skills increased, I started an Instagram account to showcase my work. Once I built my own clientele I was able to branch off on my own. At the age of 22, I was able to make Are Her Eyelashes Real, which is now DLD an official business.

While applying makeup, I noticed myself fixating on filling in and shaping eyebrows with products, not only on clients but myself. I’ll let you in on a secret: Manifest destiny is real and let me tell you why. (see what I did there) lolol While working at Bare Minerals there was this woman who came in every so often and her eyebrows were ON FLEEEK. When I asked her where she went she told me she had them Microbladed in Europe. Ever since that day, I was on a mission to find an artist and have my eyebrows Microbladed. I had been searching all over for a Microblading artist but it was so new to the US that even google didn’t know where to send me. The only thing relative to Microblading was overseas on instagram.

If this wasn’t fate then I don’t know what is. My friend calls asking if I will go with her to have her brows Microbladed. I of course join her but we arrive but there’s a catch. She is signed up to be a model for a course that was being taught in Portuguese. The artist(s) spoke very little English. Because of the language barrier we were not able to fully understand what we were actually going to be signing ourselves up for. My friends brows are naturally gorgeous and mine were tragic. Long story short she chickens out and I took one last look at my sad brows and thought to myself “you have nothing to lose”. I laid down and hoped for the best. WOW. Best day of my life. After having my brows Microbladed, I was amazed. My expectations were exceeded. That day I decided nobody else will ever touch my eyebrows.

Moving forward I stuck with Tiago. He was my new brow guy. Each time he returned to Boston I would go see him for my brows. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m just curious by nature. I would ask questions regarding the technique and process and he was never annoyed or shy of answers, he was real and extremely knowledgeable. He inspired me and said things like “you can” & “you should try”.

So I took his advice and I did. I spontaneously took a 1-day threading certification course and I was so eager to continue to learn that I got myself a job threading eyebrows at the mall. Imagine working at the mall for under minimum wage with a college degree and being excited about it? I truly was. Not sure if you’ve ever been to a threading spa in the mall but if you have you can imagine that I did not fit in and my friends found it hilarious. You can find opportunity and humor in anything. At the threading spa I sure found both. So what, I was a college graduate working at the mall for under minimum wage. I was being taught and experiencing something that to me was priceless. These women teaching me their techniques were straight from India where the technique originated.

After mastering the technique, I once again decided to branch off on my own. After successfully gaining even more clients through threading, I decided I was ready to learn how to microblade. I reached out to Tiago and it just so happened that “Eyebrow King”, was teaching a class. He inspired me to start this journey and I couldn’t be happier that I pursued it myself. He didn’t just shape my eyebrows, he shaped me into the artist I am today.

Before learning, I remember thinking if I love this technique so much imagine how many others will too. I never try to upsell Microblading to my clients. I personally feel that it is a service with lasting results that speaks for itself. I love Microblading because it puts a smile on my clients face and boosts their confidence. I can say that with confidence because each time I have mine retouched, it reminds me why I started, how far I’ve come, and how excited I am for what’s to come.

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